Yummi Yoghurt: A First Taste of Stock Market Investment by Lord John Lee

This is a “first” – focused on introducing young people to the Stock Market – but equally relevant to all novice investors.  Very deliberately short, easy-to-read, designed to give a ‘feel’ and an understanding of investment basics, so the reader appreciates what moves share prices, how to invest themselves or to understand and sensibly question what their Stockbroker, Fund Manager, or Financial Advisor is saying or suggesting.  Knowledge is imparted through the story of a farming family whose small scale yoghurt business grows into a significant public company, and of teenagers who invest part of their grandfather’s legacies into Yummi shares – profitably! 

An ideal gift from Parents , Grandparents , Godparents , or perhaps Stockbrokers , Financial Advisors etc . But equally worthwhile for Schools and Libraries.

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